Fishing regulation

must be observed !

Fishing for salmon trout, rainbowtrout, char and sturgeon. There is no charge for fishing itself but you must pay for your catch by the kilo before leaving the premises. You do not need a fishing license on your side, but you should have fishing experience and bring your own equipment. We do not rent out fishing tackle. While on the premises, all captured fish may only be stored in containers given out by side mamagement at registration.

1. When angeling, animal welfare regulations must be observed.

2. Every angler is allowed two rods with a reel; rods of any kind without a reel are not allowed.

3. Worms, maggots, corn and artitficial baits as well as fly rods and spoon lures are allowed.

4. All fishing tackle used must be in proper condition.

5. All fish that have been caught, must be landed by means of a landing net, stunned immediately with a blow to the head and killed by piercing the heart or cutting the gills.

6. Putting fish back in the water or keeping them alive either in a water-filled container outside the lake or by means of a keeping net (or similar) is strictly prohibited, irrespective of the size of the fish.

7. Captured fish may only be stored in the container given out by management.

8. It is strictly forbidden to store or put fish in any container other than the containers given out by management.

9. bevore leaving the premises, the entire catch must be brougtht to the scale and paid for.

10. There is no catch limit.

11. it is possible to have youre catch weighed, cleaned and kept cool while continuing your fishing.

By entering the premises, you accept our fishing and park regulations.

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